Who we are

Affordable high rise in the Philippines

Bigpat is an affordable high rise developer with 5+ years experience in the Philippines. Our story began in 2016 with a 44 unit dormitory. We completed our flagship dormitory with 1182 bed spaces in 2020. We are currently developing our 3rd dormitory in Makati with a capacity of 500+ beds.

Our competitive advantage is our hands on approach that enables us to develop below average market prices and decrease traditional development timings

Our flagship building

Modern dormitory one footstep away from Makati CBD built in 2020



Sq. meters




Hands on experience

After 5 years developing in the Philippines we have mastered the construction process to deliver the product the market demands on time, on quality and on cost

Ongoing project

3,000 sqm dormitory in Makati with complete amenities

The operating team

Alfonso Bigeriego – CEO

  • Serial entrepreneur with 5 year experience in real estate in the Philippines
  • Suffolk University Business Entrepreneurship and Massachusetts accredited broker


Jaime González

  • Harvard MBA, mechanical and aerospace engineer
  • McKinsey alumni across Europe and SE Asia
  • Entrepreneurial experience across different sectors in the Philippines